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President's Message

Soccer season is now in full swing and I’d like to welcome everyone to the 2014/15 season!  The past few months have been very chaotic as we completed registrations, finalized team rosters, and started the games.  It takes a lot of organizational might and special thanks are due to the board members, club staff and other volunteers who turned their attention from the wonderful summer weather to put this in motion.  As the games begin, it is important to recognize the coaches, assistant coaches and managers of roughly 120 teams who will dedicate several hours a week over the next 20+ weeks to provide soccer opportunities for our club membership of roughly 1,400 athletes.   Please make a point of showing your appreciation to these generous people.

Bays United FC is an excellent platform for supporting youth sports.  We encourage excellence in soccer by providing a challenging and development-focused environment from novice to premier levels.  As a club we also value citizenship, strength of character and positive leadership.   Fulfilling this has to be at a whole club level; we can’t just focus on the players without also developing coaches, referees, equipment and facilities, and all the other elements that support the experience.  Providing a great soccer programs requires a concerted effort on several fronts!

On the youth side of the club, the program is tailored to all skill levels.  Soccer is a challenging sport, requiring skills, fitness and teamwork.  The careful process of team formation fosters this by creating a setting where players are challenged, stimulated to work hard, rewarded by their accomplishments, learn the value of teamwork, and experience the joys and disappointments of competition. Soccer (and other youth sports) helps our youth develop a variety of life skills which will contribute to happier, healthier lifestyles.  As a society we tend to celebrate the few soccer players who become elite athletes and often overlook the really positive physical and mental development that all our young athletes achieve through participation in sports.

On the senior’s side of the club, Bays has a competitive adult soccer program of over 200 men and women athletes, ranging in age from 18 to over 70 within the three senior local league organizations (VISL, LIWSA and SVICSA).  The top men's team is a perennial powerhouse, having won both the Island League Championship and prestigious Jackson Cup competition in recent years. The Club is emphasizing the development of our women's program to achieve the same level of competitiveness. The seniors program is a living, breathing example of our club motto ‘Soccer For Life’!

Looking ahead, Bays United FC has a few challenges that require the support and attention from members.  Issues at the top of my list are as follows:
  1. Facilities – Unlike many lower island clubs, Bays does not have home fields or a clubhouse.  We rent facilities from schools and municipalities within our catchment.  Being one of the largest Victoria clubs, our field needs are great and we need to be improving these resources. The club membership needs to respect the rules for the rented fields and pitch in to help manage the use of some of these facilities.  Bays has made significant progress on two turf field development projects (Oak Bay and Vic High School), facilities which could become our home base.  We have field development funds to arrangements and additional fundraising.  I encourage the membership to stay tuned and pitch in to help make them a reality.
  2. Operating Funds – The club operates on a tight operating budget, the majority of which pays for fields, club staff (technical directors, registrar, etc.) and equipment. We rely on an annual grant from the province of BC Gaming Branch, which offsets registration fees by about 20%.  About 15% of our budget is paid to umbrella organizations (Lower Island Soccer Association, BC Soccer Association, etc.), without which we could not operate.  Unlike other clubs, Bays has no other significant revenue sources (i.e., concessions, sponsorships, fundraising, etc.).  We are very mindful of the impact of registration fee increases, and are seeking help from our membership in developing additional revenue avenues.
  3. Volunteerism – The workload to run Bays is too great for the small number of volunteers who step forward for the heavy lifting.  In order to continue improving our program the club will have to build a stronger volunteer base for activities such as board positions, fundraising, and special events.  Key operational functions need to be carried out by paid club staff. I encourage you to volunteer for one of the many small tasks at the club.  As the saying goes, ‘many hands make light work.’  Please contact volunteer@baysunited.ca for further details.
I will close with a similar set of wishes as I made last year:  Let us hope that the weather cooperates for a great soccer season.  To the players: try hard, play fair, have fun and support your fellow teammates.  To the parents: come to the games, show your support, provide positive encouragement, let the coaches do the coaching, respect the match officials, and remember that players play for their enjoyment, not ours.

Howard McElderry
October 2014
Shorts Sales
To purchase Bays United FC shorts and/or extra socks, please contact the Club’s equipment and uniform manager at equipment@baysunited.ca.

Shorts are $20, and extra socks are $5.
U6 - U11 Player Assessments
U6 - U11 Assessments will begin the first week of September. Schedule will be posted mid August
Important Notices

Bays' Approach to the VIPL Program

Our President has circulated the attached memo explaining Bays' approach to the VIPL Program for the upcoming year.

Great Performance at District Cup!
Congratulations to the eight Bays United teams who competed in the District Cup in Sooke on March 29th:
  • Boys U13 silver2, U14 silver2, U15 silver, U16 silver
  • Girls U13 silver, U14 gold, U14 silver, and U15 silver
Five of these teams won the District Cup:
  • Boys U13 silver2, 
  • U14 silver2, 
  • Girls U14 gold, 
  • U14 silver, 
  • U15 silver
Three of the games went to penalty shootouts.

The boys U16 silver and girls U13 silver teams tied their games 0-0 but lost in the shootout.

Codes of Conduct
Three important documents have been posted on the website:
News Archive
Posted 10/24/2014
City Proposal for Turf Fields at Vic High
Posted 9/4/2014
U12 Development Sessions
The U12 Development session schedule has been posted on the 'U12-U18' link
Posted 6/23/2014
Summer Camps Starting Soon
Bays' summer camps are not too far off. Check the Camps/Academies/Events link for details and registration.
Posted 3/28/2014
Player Assessments
Youth Player Assessments Times/Dates have now been posted. Check the Home page for details.
Posted 3/6/2014
Youth League Awards Ceremony
Bays United FC Youth League Awards Ceremony
Posted 2/23/2014
Bays Scholarship Applications
The Bays Scholarship Application form has been posted under 'Documents/Forms'. Deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2014.
Posted 2/20/2014
Spring Soccer
Registration for Spring soccer events is open
Posted 2/13/2014
LISA Scholarships
Scholarship information and application forms
Posted 10/25/2013
Coach Development Sessions
Posted 9/16/2013
Policy and Procedures
The Club's Policy and Procedures are under review and revision. Updates will be posted on the website within the next several weeks.
News Archive

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