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General Manager

Deadline for Applications:
31 July 2017

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About Bays:

Bays United FC is a non-profit community soccer association based in Victoria, BC. As one of Victoria’s largest clubs, Bays endorses ‘soccer for life’, bringing the sport to approximately 1,500 individuals ages 5 to 60 and beyond. The club promotes excellence in soccer by providing a challenging and development-focused environment from novice to premier levels. We value teamwork and sportsmanship both on and off the field. We believe that sport builds healthy bodies and minds, and positive player development helps our youth to achieve greater success in life. We also value our community by bringing together people from different neighborhoods to play soccer, volunteer in community sports events and simply to socialize as they enjoy this beautiful game.

Position Description:

The General Manager is responsible for leading all administrative aspects of the club’s operations to ensure that programs and activities are efficient, effective and meeting the needs of club membership. This includes supervision of club-contracted positions and engagement with the Board, committees, regular members, volunteers and the public. This is a contract position with a seasonally variable workload, averaging 3-4 days per week. The club anticipates a fee-for-service contract arrangement set at approximately $50,000 per year.

Relationship to the Board:

  • Manages all issues/club operations in accordance with Board direction and policy.
  • Works with the Board to develop a strategic plan, business plan and vision statements.
  • Attends all Board meetings.
  • Assists in the development of Board meeting materials.
  • Provides research/analysis of topics for Board consideration.
  • Ensures implementation of Board decisions.

Relationship to other Soccer Organizations/Public:

  • Is the primary club contact for LISA and BC Soccer.
  • Has contact with other Clubs on organization/admin matters (no overlap with Tech Directors).
  • Is a club contact for public enquiries.

Relationship to Members:

  • Is a point of contact for member enquiries—redirecting to Directors as needed.
  • Maintains contact with all Board committees/groups and assists as necessary.
  • Helps with recruiting, managing and assigning volunteers.
  • Participates in special events organization.

Relationship to other Service Contractors:

  • Supervises all service contractors, ensuring they meet their responsibilities.
  • Responsible for contract administration, sign-off on billings, performance review, direction on policy and process (information, approval and implementation).
  • Not responsible for direction on matters in contractors’ field of expertise.
  • Communicates with members on behalf of service contractors.
  • Authorizes actions and requested by service contractors (e.g., mass emails, posts, setting up registration for programs).
  • Directs/supervises Registration Coordinator.
  • Works directly with the accountant to ensure smooth operations of financial transactions (e.g., having background information).
  • Is not a signing authority.


We are looking for candidates with experience in leadership and management. Ideally this experience would be gained from within a youth-focused community organization or a not-for-profit organization that delivers programs through a large volunteer base. Private sector experience will also be considered, so long as the individual brings a demonstrated track record of community or sport volunteerism. Familiarity working with, or serving on, a Board of Directors is seen as an asset, as is a knowledge and passion for community youth sport. Specific qualifications include the following:

  • Leadership Skills: Exceptional leadership skills; inspires through articulation of a clear vision. Ability and willingness to ‘roll up sleeves’.
  • Strategic and Business Acumen: Can see the ultimate goal and builds a strategic business plan that supports the achievement of that goal.
  • Volunteer Experience: Brings a clear understanding of, and prior exposure to, a volunteer based organization. Clearly understands the value of a strong, committed volunteer base and can find ways to leverage the time and talent involved.
  • Relationship Skills: Ability to manage a broad, diverse set of relationships with various stakeholders such as players, families, parents, parks staff, media and the general public. Is engaging, approachable, diplomatic, open and transparent and thrives on a high level of interaction with others.
  • Highly Effective Communicator: An engaging, passionate, inspiring and influential communicator with an ability to connect effectively with a wide range of people and able to exhibit strong listening and conflict resolution skills. Excellent technical and computer skills.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Brings innovative thinking to opportunities and challenges and fosters creativity throughout an organization. Thinks big, yet maintains perspective.
  • Passion for sport: Able to embrace and be passionate about community sport, especially youth sport for all levels. Recognizes with conviction the positive impacts of sports on youth and community building.
  • Style: Charismatic, high energy, positive, uncompromising integrity, trustworthy and approachable. Resilient with a sense of humour.

For Further Information:
Please contact: president@baysunited.ca

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