Youth Program Contacts

Questions about youth soccer at Bays United?

Vice-President Youth – John Bentley

U12 –
U18 Boys League (2017/18 Season)

U12 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U13 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U14 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U15 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U16 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U17 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U18 Boys Coordinator – Vacant

U12 – U18 Girls League (2017/18 Season)

U12 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U13 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U14 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U15 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U16 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U17 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

U18 Girls Coordinator – Vacant

Members listed above are all volunteers. Please limit questions to Bays United programs – within the domains of Lower Island Soccer Association, Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association, Vancouver Island Soccer League and South Vancouver Island Classics Soccer Association. Thank you.