Youth Cup Play

Bays United teams have a proud history of achievement in Provincial, Coastal, and District Cup competitions. Here you will find information about these competitions.

District Cup

District Cup is a knock-out format of competition between teams in the Lower Island Soccer Association.

This is a District Championship between all league teams that play within LISA boundaries. There are separate District Cups for Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions in U13-U18. Cup play-downs begin in February in a single-knockout format for your division and the last two teams play in the District Cup final for their division at a big weekend tournament in Victoria. Note: Silver league champions play in Gold district cup, and Bronze league champions play in Silver district cup.
Teams winning the District Cup are advanced to compete in the Island Cup. 

Island Cup

This competition is between Lower and Upper Island district cup winners (first- and second-place teams – U14-U18).

Island Cup is simply one championship game for bragging rights, played between the Gold division champion of LISA and the Gold division champion of the north island district.  Other than the title, winning the Island Cup does not award you entry into any further provincial or national competitions.  This game is usually played in late April/early May.

Teams winning the Island Cup progress to compete in the Coastal Cup.

Coastal Cup

This is a quasi-cup competition. The lower mainland Gold teams around Vancouver use this as their qualifying tournament for Provincial B Cup (see below).  The B Cup playdown winners of the various Vancouver-area districts playoff against each other, and they invite the Island B Cup representative to play as well.  Win or lose, the Island B Cup representative still goes to the Provincial B Cup tournament in July, but the Coastal Cup may provide a sneak preview of some of the teams that could be faced there.

Teams successful in the Coastal Cup progress to compete in the Provincial Cup.

Provincial “B” Cup

This is a BC championship for Gold level teams in U13-U18.  To get to the Provincial B Cup finals tournament in July, your Gold team has to win the B Cup “playdowns” for your district (in this case, Bays belongs to LISA district). The playdowns are a series of single-knockout games with the other Gold teams in your division, starting in late January (usually). If you win the playdowns within LISA, you still have to win one more game to be named Vancouver Island B Cup representative for the BC Provincials tournament, you have to beat the B Cup playdown champion from the north island district (e.g. Campbell River, Courtenay/Comox, Oceanside, or Nanaimo usually – this does not apply to U13). If you are knocked out of B Cup during your LISA district playdowns, you parachute into District Cup (see above).

Provincial “A” Cup

This is a BC championship for “metro” teams from the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and the BC interior.  Bays United does not have a “metro” team, but greater Victoria does through Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA), made up of the best players from our greater Victoria soccer clubs. Some Bays players join the LISA metro team each year.

District Cup Schedules/Standings/Results

For cup results, visit:

Provincial Cup Schedules/Standings/Results

Bays United usually has between 2-4 Gold teams qualify each season for the the Provincial B Cup finals in July. It’s an extremely difficult road to even qualify for the final tournament of 8 regional BC teams, so these teams are already “champions” of sorts when they arrive. Many Bays teams have gone on to distinguish themselves with gold, silver or bronze medals at the Provincial finals over the years, and several more have made a good showing as runners-up. Schedules and results can be found here: