Bays Communications Survey Results

Thank you to the 310 Bays members, parents, volunteers and coaches who took time to complete the Bays United Communications Survey, giving us plenty of feedback and suggestions to make communications improvements.

The feedback breaks down into three general categories for action:

  1. areas where we can make immediate changes,
  2. a clear need identified but planning is required, and
  3. raises bigger questions for the organization that require consideration by the Board and possibly more extensive engagement with membership.

Some action items the Communications Committee is working on are:

  • Website: The biggest consensus to come out of the survey is the need for a redesigned/refreshed website. The hope is with an effective design, relevant content and frequent updates we can remove some of the communications workload off of coaches, reduce the volume of emails sent and address some of the concerns about last-minute provision of information.
  • Email and Messaging: We will be looking at streamlining email communications (still by far the preferred method) to ensure email is optimally directed to right recipients. Ideally members will not miss out on important information, but they will also not be bombarded with email that either does not concern them, or is subject to repeated correction, thereby creating confusion.
  • Tone: A significant number of members are troubled by the tone that has at times been used in the course of communications. Brusque communications of any kind is not helpful in building support for Bays, welcoming new members to our soccer community and supporting a positive dynamic that we seek to impart to all participants. This was important feedback for us to hear and we are working to correct this immediately.

Another area of concern that surfaced in the survey is the assessment and team selection process. Progress has already been made with a new team formation model for VIPL and the Teams, Coaches & Players Committee is working to finalize Bays’ approach to assessments overall. We hope to have a much smoother process this coming assessment season and will be communicating with members in the near future.

Finally, there were many constructive comments that will help inform a strategic plan that the Board will be developing this coming year. All of your input was read and appreciated and we look forward to improved communications going forward.

Your feedback is always welcome. If you have concerns about communications or suggestions for improvements, please email Jen Morgan.

Thank you to those who entered their name to win Bays swag. 20 names were chosen using a random list generator and will be contacted to collect their item.