President’s Update: February 2017

Greetings Bays members. As the 2016/17 regular soccer season is coming to a close I thought it was a good time to update you on recent club developments and to remind you of important upcoming dates and information.

Communications Survey

Thank you to the 310 Bays members, parents, volunteers and coaches who took time to complete the Bays United Communications Survey, giving us excellent feedback and suggestions to make improvements. The Communications Committee’s efforts are now focused on improving the Website, finding ways to reduce email traffic and improving the overall messaging of Bays communication. We hope that you will start to see improvements very soon. If you are interested in reading more about areas identified for improvements, click here.


Fundraising at Bays is ongoing in support of field development. With the successful opening of the turf at Oak Bay High, we now set our sights on a new field at Vic High, with construction scheduled to begin in 2018.

This year’s Bring It Indoors tournament was very well attended; with 66 teams and approximately 500 kids kept busy during this exceptionally cold winter. I am happy to report that we raised just over $10,000 at this annual fundraiser. Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this fun event a success yet again.

The Bays Fundraising Committee is hard at work on another exciting fundraising event for the club. Though still in the planning phase, the idea is to run consecutive soccer games, from 8am Saturday to 8pm Sunday. That’s right… 36 hours of non-stop soccer! To make this event a reality next year, we need volunteers. If you are interested in helping, contact for more details.

Big Volunteer Opportunity

After four years as President, I will be stepping down this coming May. Bays is a fantastic organization, benefitting not just youth soccer but also the greater Victoria community. To echo the wise words of another Bays volunteer, “You get so much more out of the experience than what you put in.” It has been a fun and rewarding opportunity for me and I would be happy to speak with anyone interested in taking on the role. Email:

In Other News…

  • If your player is in the Youth League, be sure to mark April 5th on your calendar for the upcoming End of Season Ceremony.
  • Check out our Academies and Camps page for upcoming Pro-D and Spring Break camps.
  • Bays is once again pleased to offer two $500 scholarships, one each to a boy and girl U18 Bays player. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.
  • VIPL assessments begin March 10th for 2017/18 U14 players (born 2004). For more information about VIPL team formation and assessment dates, click here.

Thank you,
Howard McElderry
Bays United President