She Shoots! She Scores! Clinics for Girls (U9-U15)

Bays United has created a new series of clinics for girls born in 2003-2009 that emphasize skill development and technique in a positive and fun environment.

**Sign up for all five clinics and receive a $10 rebate.**

Registration includes a She shoots! She scores! t-shirt. All sessions to be held at the Oak Bay Rec Centre (indoor turf field) on Fridays from 6:30-7:30 PM.

1)  Finishing School – Christine Sinclair Style

Join us for a dynamic session on this step-by-step technique behind striking the ball with power and accuracy. From locking the ankle and foot placement to selecting where to shoot and committing to it, you will reach your goals. Bring a smile, your inner “Christine Sinclair” and your best goal celebrations.

  • (U9-U11) – January 12
  • (U12-U15) – January 19
2)  Dribble Queens – Like Dancing, But More Fun

Learn how to play 1 v 1 with confidence. Through a variety of ball mastery and manipulation exercises you will gain new moves that will help you with change of pace, change of direction and deception. This clinic will get you 600 touches closer to dribble mastery and the “Queen of the Cones” challenge will give you bragging rights!

  • (U9-U11) – February 9
  • (U12-U15) – February 16
3)  Pass with Class – With Every Pass Your Team Gets Stronger

From correct passing technique to team passing strategy, these sessions will help you get connected to your teammates. Passing dynamics will include: passing with accuracy, properly weighted passes, when to pass and how to disguise your passes. Passing with confidence will keep your team in possession of the ball and feeling the power of that team vibe!

  • (U9-U11) – February 23
  • (U12-U15) – March 2
4)  We are Family – The Importance of Team Play

Development of defense and attacking skills is the focus of this session. Playing together like a single unit is what it’s all about. We will focus on strategies to keep ball possession, ensure team balance, support and switch the play.

  • (U9-U11) – March 9
  • (U12-U15) – March 16
5)  Gatekeeper Girls – You’re Number One

Learn to be a goaltending hero. This is crucial position that all teams need and players often circulate through. When it’s your turn, do so with confidence and the tricks of the trade already up your sleeve! We will focus on shot stopping, positional play, diving, catching, distribution and the mental demands of this exciting position.

  • (U9-U11) – January 26
  • (U12-U15) – February 2


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