Update re: VIPL for 2018/19 Season

Attention Parents of current/prospective U14 (born 2005) and U15 (born 2004) VIPL players:

I know there are a lot of questions around the upcoming VIPL season, and I would like to let you know the current state of VIPL at these age groups as best I can.


The Regional Model for Lower Island VIPL was introduced last year for the 2004 born age group. Under this model, players played for a Region and not their home Club. There were two girls teams (North and South) and three boys teams (North, South and West). The assumption was this model would be used on a go-forward basis for team formation for VIPL (i.e. 2004 born players would be next season’s U15’s, and 2005 born players would be next season’s U14’s).

Current Status:

As some of you may have heard, several Clubs in Lower Island have decided to pull out of this Regional Model, and have stated that they will not provide resources to teams in this model (i.e. fields, coaches, technical staff, etc) in the upcoming season. What this means for players from those Clubs is debatable. What it means for VIPL as a whole is also unknown.

What we do know is that things are proceeding for the next year’s U14 and U15 team formation as if the Regional Model will continue next season.  Specifically, those U14 players that are shortlisted for a third assessment have been contacted and have been requested to confirm their attendance at this tryout. U14 Bays girls who attended the first two tryouts have not been contacted as there the Bays U13 team is competing in the Coastal Cup final in a couple of weeks. It is common practice in these situations to avoid disclosing assessment results to teams who are proceeding to provincial competitions in order not to disrupt team dynamics. Likewise, the U14 Bays boys who attended VIPL tryouts have not been contacted about the third assessment as there is a possibility they will be combined with current U13 Saanich players, who are also going to Coastal Cup/Provincials, to form a U14 VIPL team.

For the U15 VIPL teams, assessments for the team are still being coordinated between the Clubs involved in the current U14 VIPL teams.  The plan is for the assessment to include the current U14 VIPL team as well as the top-ranked players (based on coaches’ assessments) from the Clubs involved in the current team, and possibly any new registrants. For Bays, this means several of the top-ranked players on the current U14 Gold team will be invited to attend tryouts.

The situation, as it currently stands, is very fluid. This is all the information we have at the moment, but Bays will make every effort to keep families informed as the situation changes as more information becomes available. In the meantime, your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please note that the U16, U17 and U18 VIPL teams will proceed as normal under the old franchise model.

Thank you,

~ VP Youth