2018 Annual General Meeting

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Bays United Football Club’s Annual General Meeting, to be held:

  • 7:30pm, Wednesday June 20th, 2018
  • Neighbourhood Learning Centre (at Oak Bay High School)

Light refreshments will be served. Similar to last year, we are inviting families to bring their kids (all ages) to the Oak Bay field during the AGM (7:15-9PM) – and let them work on their soccer skills with our technical team, while parents join the Board inside.


  • Report from President
  • Report from Treasurer: presentation of Financial Statements
  • Reports from other Directors and Club representatives
  • Announcement of Scholarship Awards
  • Special Resolution for Constitution and Bylaws:
    “THAT the Revised Constitution 2018, and “Bays United Football Club Bylaws, 2018”, be approved.” (Supporting materials)
  • Election of Board Directors
    The following positions on the Board of Directors will be the subject of an election for a two-year term:

    • Vice-President, Seniors
    • Treasurer
    • Director Positions, including those with responsibilities (assigned by the Board) for the following: Fundraising & Special Events, Risk Management and Volunteers Coordinator

Nomination of a person for a Director position may be made by any Member (a registered adult player or parent of a registered player). Please submit to the Secretary by Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

  • Name of the Member making the nomination
  • Name of the nominee
  • Any information about the nominee’s credentials


  • Directors are not required to be Members.
  • If you are potentially interested in a Director position and wish to discuss please contact the President or the Secretary for further information.
  • Nominations from the floor are not permitted except for a position for which no advance nominations have been made, as set out in the Club Bylaws [s. 26(p)].