About Us

Bays United Football Club started as a single men’s team back in 1946 and has evolved over the years into the successful club it is today. We are a registered non-profit society that is powered by a few employed staff, a top-tier technical team, a volunteer Board of Directors and many members who volunteer their time to keep kids in sports. As one of Victoria’s largest clubs, Bays boasts approximately 1,600 members – ages 5 to 60 and beyond.

Bays United FC follows the FIFA Laws of The Game for teams, under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Soccer Association and BC Soccer, for by-laws and rules, as well as regulations as outlined by the Lower Island Soccer Association (Youth), Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association (Adult), Vancouver Island Soccer League (Men’s Adult) and South Vancouver Island Classics’ Soccer Association (40+ Adult).

Club Priorities

Want to know more about the direction of Bays United? Read our Club Priorities document.

Questions? Contact generalmanager@baysunited.ca, or any Board Member to discuss.

Volunteers Wanted

We are a registered non-profit society, powered mainly by volunteers parents and community supporters in the roles of: coaches, managers, lines people, board members, division coordinators, equipment coordinators, website managers and so on. It is the dedication of these people that makes it possible for teams to continue playing.

You don’t need to be a soccer pro to volunteer with us. We just need your time and interest in community sports and we’ll support you with the rest. Please consider volunteering your time to help the Club. There are many short-term and longer-term opportunities available. Send a message to our generalmanager@baysunited.ca and we’ll happily add you to our list. Thank you!