Henderson Park Policy

To ensure continued access to the Henderson Park playing fields and to foster better relations with the local community, the following rules apply to the use of Henderson Park by Bays teams – and opposing teams – for both practices and games. Read the full Henderson Park Policy.

  1. Respecting the use of Henderson Park by BUFC teams, members and spectators:
    • Do not use Avondale Road and Henderson Road for parking or drop-off/pick-up. Parking and drop-off/pick-up are restricted to the parking lots of the Henderson Park Recreation Centre and Uplands Elementary School.
    • Do not watch the game/practice from the west sideline (Foul Bay Rd side). Please view from the east (baseball diamond) side or the ends of the field.
    • Do not retrieve soccer balls kicked into yards bordering the field. A Bays official will arrange retrieval with the resident/owner of the yard.
    • Do not position portable goals along the west side of the field during practices.
    • Do minimize noise levels at evening practices. Excessive noise and foul language should be eliminated, especially in residential areas.
    • Failure of players, officials and spectators of any Bays team and opposing team to comply with this policy may result in penalties levied against the Bays team, up to and including revocation of the team’s access to Henderson Park.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Teams, Coaches & Players Committee to ensure that division co-ordinators, coaches and team managers are aware of the policy respecting the use of Henderson Park.
  3. Division coordinators, coaches and/or team managers are responsible for notifying their respective members and ensuring adherence to the policy by their players and supporters – as well as the opposing team’s officials, players and supporters – throughout the season and at any Cup games. Each team is responsible for designating one or more individuals who will enforce the policy for their practices and games.
  4. Complaints regarding the use of Henderson Park by Bays United teams, officials and supporters are to be directed to a Henderson Park Neighbourhood Relations Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee will have the authority to review and dispose of all complaints and where appropriate, to levy penalties on teams contravening the policy. These penalties may include revocation of the team’s access to Henderson Park. The Sub-Committee’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed to the board.