House Program Contacts


Questions about House League soccer at Bays?

Vice-President House – Toby Vallance


Boys/Co-Ed House League (2017-2018 Season)

U6 Coordinator (Boys/Co-ed) – Kelly Simpson

U7 Coordinator (Boys/Co-ed)- Jana Stuart

U8 Coordinator (Boys/Co-ed) – vacant

U9 Coordinator (Boys/Co-ed) – Jude Brown

U10-U11 Coordinator (Boys/Co-ed) – AnDrea Siemens


Girls House League (2017-2018 Season)

U6 Coordinator (Girls) – Kelly Simpson

U7 Coordinator (Girls) – Jana Stuart

U8-U9 Coordinator (Girls) – vacant

U10-U11 Coordinator (Girls) – Danny Pizarro


Members listed above are all volunteers. Please limit questions to the age-specific House League programs. General House League questions can be sent to the VP House. Thank you.