Vancouver Island Premier League

2017/18 Season

Confirmed Coaches

Remaining coaches will be added as confirmed:

  • BU15 VIPL:  Head Coach, Tobias Schreiber
  • BU16 VIPL:  Head Coach, Genc Kolshi
  • BU17/18 VIPL:  Head Coach, Nick Daniels
  • GU14 VIPL:  Head Coach, Arbnor Jusufi
  • GU15 VIPL:  Head Coach, Tairah Bowker
  • GU17/18 VIPL:  Head Coach, Mark Cottrell       
Team Surcharge

For players chosen to play on a VIPL team, a surcharge will apply. Click here to finalize your registration.

What is VIPL?

The Vancouver Island Premier League (VIPL) is the second tier in BC Soccer, below the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL or HPL; the tier one Vancouver Island team “Wave”). Gold level is tier three. VIPL teams start at U14, whereas BCSPL starts at U13. In Vancouver the equivalent to VIPL is the Vancouver Metro Soccer League, or “Metro”. Read more about the Levels of Play.

How is VIPL Currently Structured?

There are generally five teams in each age division on Vancouver Island: three from Lower Island and two from Upper Island (Nanaimo and Comox Valley). All Bays/Peninsula VIPL teams are currently coached by Bays coaches. Bays has a VIPL surcharge in addition to the normal registration fee (currently $190). The three teams from Lower Island are generally from agreements where two clubs form as one VIPL team. These are Bays/Peninsula, Saanich/Prospect Lake and Gorge/Lakehill; but there is some variation depending on the age group. Travel up-Island is also required; generally two trips to Comox and two trips to Nanaimo are required in each regular season.

How is VIPL Changing this Season?

Because of a lack of consistency around Lower Island team formation, and the exclusion of some teams from the above arrangements (JDF for instance), the Presidents of Lower Island Clubs agreed in January 2017 to change the VIPL team formation system on a go-forward basis. The change will only affect incoming players (born 2004) and will not affect older VIPL teams.

Assessments will be held for next season and 48 players will be chosen from the 10 clubs that make up Lower Island soccer. Those 48 players will be split into three teams: a West team, a South team and a North team. Teams will generally be composed of players that are close to each other geographically but players may be asked to play outside their “region” if needed. As such, there are no boundaries as there are under the club system.

Assessments will be held in March and April, run by the Technical Directors of all clubs. Bays players trying out for VIPL will register with Bays but will pay the VIPL fee directly to Lower Island (the fee is expected to be lower than the current Bays surcharge). Travel will not change from current VIPL travel requirements.

Team Assessments/Formation

Assessments take place in the early Spring. See the Youth Assessments Schedule for locations, dates and times. Bays players chosen for VIPL teams will be listed on our Team Formation page once determined.

Assessment Registration

Players must register prior to attending the VIPL assessment sessions. Please don’t wait until the last minute to register. To register follow these links: Girls and Boys.

Need more information?

Questions can be sent to Bays Vice President of Youth, John Bentley.