Welcome to U13

Welcome to U13!  Please note: Unlike prior seasons, in 2019/20 ALL U13 PLAYERS will play 8v8. The following are other questions and answers to help you understand what changes you may find this season.

When do I register?

As early as possible please! A note will be sent sometime in late March or early April to register for the upcoming season. You must register before assessments. If you wait until late August to register, your child may be put on a wait list.

How are teams formed?

Similar to U12, assessments generally start in April and run through until late May. There are generally 2-3 assessments for each age group.

Are there different divisions?

Yes. There are Gold and Silver divisions. If there is enough demand (depending on players’ abilities) there may also be a Bronze division.

How many teams will there be?

The number of teams is determined by the number of children who register. The number of players per team will be similar to U12, where there are roughly 12 players per team. At U13 we anticipate two Gold boys teams, two Gold girls teams, with the remainder of players divided into Silver or Bronze teams.

Do the Spring assessments determine what team each player is on?

Yes – as well as an in-season evaluation done by the previous season’s coach. Together they help to form a true picture of player ability and will determine team structures for the upcoming season. Additional input from the upcoming season’s coach(es) may also be required. Goalkeepers are usually assessed separately.

If my child doesn’t make the Gold team, are there other opportunities to play at this level?

Potentially. At U12 there was “soft-tiering” between the Blue (Gold) and the White (Silver) divisions. At U13, there is no “soft-tiering”, but there may be chances to permit from Silver to Gold for the occasional match. Each player’s main priority, however, is to the team on which he or she is placed.

Who does U13 play against?

U13 teams continue to play against other Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA) clubs, including Cowichan and Saltspring.

When are the games?

All games are played Saturday mornings. Most home games are played late-morning (closer to noon), but this can vary due to field scheduling demands. Away games may start earlier or later. The exact time of the match and the field you will be playing on isn’t known until Wednesday of that week.

Are the games the same?

Yes. At U13, matches are 8-a-side and games are played on a half-field. The retreat line is one-third of the way up the pitch for goal-kicks. Offsides are called between the retreat line and the goal.

Are there standings?

Yes. standings are tracked and can be found on the LISA website. After each match the coach/manager of the team must email the score to the LISA score recorder (even if the match is cancelled).

What is weekly rescheduling?

At the start of the season each team is given a schedule that runs from September until late February or March. After the winter break, however, this schedule is often superseded by make-up games (due to cancelled games) and cup games that take priority over league games. As a result, LISA has to restructure the original schedule on a weekly basis and will notify coaches by email on the Monday before the weekend match. This can go on for several weeks.

Who are the coaches?

Coaches of the U13 teams are volunteers and usually a parent of a player on the team, however, there may be people in the community who would like to coach a U13 team. Head coaches of Gold teams at U13 and older must have taken their Soccer for Life course, offered free by LISA (contact coachcom1@baysunited.ca).

I don’t feel comfortable coaching, are there other ways I can help?

Of course! There are many other ways to help. Being a linesman, putting up nets when playing on grass pitches, managing the team and being a social coordinator are just a few of the things you can do to support your child’s team.

What is Vancouver Island Wave?

Vancouver Island Wave plays in the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) – the entry point to higher levels of soccer (Provincial, National etc). Wave draws players from the entire Island and intake is at the U13 level. Tryouts usually take place between February and April for the following season. Find more info here.


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