Youth Cup Play

View Bays’ cup results (most recent 4 year span).

Bays United teams have a proud history of achievement in Provincial, Coastal, and District Cup competitions. Here you will find information about these competitions.

Cup Competition

Cup competition is a random draw of various teams in single elimination format. This means one loss and you’re out. Teams are not allowed to permit other players onto their team if playing in a Cup game on the Island. Teams can permit players onto their team for off-Island Cup competitions and the Island Invitational.

Bays teams are automatically entered into the following competitions. If teams DO NOT wish to enter, coaches should contact Lower Island Soccer (LISA). Downloadable reference sheets are available: Cup Play 101 and Cup Play 102.

*This is for players in U13-U18

Bronze & Silver


  • Silver and bronze play together
  • Play starts in October
  • Finishes before start of District Cup

District Cup

  • Silver and bronze play in their own division
  • Starts at the end of the league season
  • If you win the league in bronze you play in Silver District Cup, if you win the league in silver you play in Gold District Cup
  • Season is over once District Cup is over

‘B’ Cup

  • A run for Provincials
  • All teams participate
  • Play starts in mid-Dec/mid-Jan and finishes end of Feb
  • Winner of Lower Island ‘B’ Cup plays the winner of Upper Island ‘B’ Cup. That winner goes to the Coastal ‘B’ Cup (a Cup competition vs mainland teams in Apr/May), as well as the BC Soccer Provincials in July

District Cup

  • Starts after ‘B’ Cup is over
  • All teams except league winner and ‘B’ Cup representative
  • Starts the end of Feb
  • Includes winner of silver league
  • Once eliminated the season is over

Island Invitational

  • League winner (who is not in the District Cup) plays an Upper Island team in a one-game match in April

‘A’ Cup

  • A run for Provincials
  • All teams participate
  • Get home field or a first round bye if finishing first in league
  • Starts at the end of league season (mid-Feb)
  • Winner goes to Coastal ‘A’ Cup (a Cup competition vs Mainland teams in Apr/May) and the BC Soccer Provincials in July
  • Once eliminated the season is over

There are big fines if a team succeeds, but doesn’t show up to Cup games, especially the Coastal Cup or Provincials. If any Bays team struggles to maintain a full team, even with permits, it is worth considering NOT playing in the final Island games. If that team wins, it is expected they will attend the Provincial Cup in July.

District Cup Schedules/Standings/Results
For cup results, visit:
Provincial Cup Schedules/Standings/Results

Bays United usually has between 2-4 Gold teams qualify each season for the the Provincial B Cup finals in July. It’s an extremely difficult road to even qualify for the final tournament of 8 regional BC teams, so these teams are already “champions” of sorts when they arrive. Many Bays teams have gone on to distinguish themselves with gold, silver or bronze medals at the Provincial finals over the years, and several more have made a good showing as runners-up. Schedules and results can be found here: