FAQs for Coaches

Is my team finalized?

Most likely, yes – however, changes can still be made at the beginning of the season. We will make sure to inform affected coaches if someone is added/removed from their team. If you use Team Snap or email outside of the Bays system, make sure the distribution list reflects your current members. Also make sure to update the jersey numbers for each player in the system.

Do I have to notify Bays of any assisting coaches or managers?

Yes. Please make sure that ALL team officials who have a role in the organization of the team are registered in the system. They may need to fill out a coaching application and CRC through the Bays website.

Will I get help from the Technical Staff?

Yes.  Technical staff will contact your team to arrange a minimum of one practice session per month.  If you have not been contacted by mid-October, contact our VP Youth at vpyouth@baysunited.ca.   Read our Technical Team biographies to find out more about this talented team.

Are ID cards needed?

Yes, at the VIPL level. You will need them starting October 1. Take photos of your players now and connect with registration@baysunited.ca to get the cards printed.

Is there a set rule for playing time?

The guidelines are as follows:

  • U10-U12 players get equal playing time each match
  • U13-U18 VIPL get a minimum of 50% playing time over the course of the regular season
  • U13-U18 Gold get a minimum of 50% playing time each match during the regular season
  • U13-U18 Silver get equal playing time each match
Should I have a coach/parent meeting?

Absolutely. It is best to set expectations for the year early in the season. You should have this meeting with all parents within the first two weeks of the start of the season. Anything regarding playing time, when to show up before a match, rotation of goalkeepers, etc should be discussed. Review our suggested template before your coach/parent meeting.

Do we have concussion protocol?

This is a very serious subject that all coaches need to be aware of. We have some information on the Coaches & Team Officials webpage, and will be adding to that as the information becomes available.

Is there information available for parents?

Yes, we are currently beefing up this part of the website. Please send the following link to your team for their information: https://baysunited.ca/index.php/members/parents/. If you have ideas about information we could be sharing with parents, please send an email to coachcom1@baysunited.ca.

Does Bays have a Code of Conduct available?

Yes there are three Code of Conduct policies – one each for coaches, players and parents/spectators. These are available here. It is recommended these be shared with your players and families early in the season.

Where do I go for problems?

If you are having issues, please reach out to coachhelp@baysunited.ca.  You can also contact the VP Youth (vpyouth@baysunited.ca) or the Director of Players, Teams Coaches (coachcom1@baysunited.ca). Please try not to involve Technical Staff in these issues, as their job is to support coaches from a technical perspective. We will loop in technical staff and/or the General Manager if needed.

Are coaches expected to fill out the player evaluation form?

Yes. The Team Working Group will decide at what point(s) during the season this evaluation should take place. This evaluation is an opportunity to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of each player on your team, and is a useful tool during team formation for the following season. You will be emailed a copy of the evaluation form and your prompt response is appreciated.

Should I accept cheques for uniform deposits, registration fees, etc?

No. Coaches should never accept cheques. Please tell the cheque-holder to visit our website (contact page) to find our mailing address.

Who can I permit onto my team?

You can permit players from the same age group, if that player plays in a lower level. You can permit from a lower age group at the same or lower level.

For example:

  • U15 Gold can permit from U15 Silver and U14 Gold
  • U14 Silver can not permit from another U14 Silver team
  • There are no permits allowed in Cup play
What is the process of permitting players onto my team?

The first step is to get the approval of the permitted player’s coach. Please remember: A player’s obligation is to the team for which they normally play. Once approval is gained, please email vpyouth@baysunited.ca with the following:

  • Permitted player’s name
  • Date and location of match
  • Opposing team

The VP Youth will email you back the approval form, and you must bring this completed form with you to present to the referee prior to the match. NOTE: the form for VIPL is different from the regular league.

What are the guidelines around playing-up?

Please read our Playing-Up page for details.

Are there different usage rules from one field to the next?

Please visit our Field Usage Guidelines page to read important details about usage and parking rules at specific fields.

Best practice “etiquette”

Please ensure your team warms-up off the pitch until your allotted time. We often receive complaints from coaches who have practice sessions disrupted by the next scheduled team warming-up in their quadrant before their allotted time. Often there are 72 players on the pitch at one time. Add any more players on the field and it is too many.

Are there extra training options for players?

Yes. The Bays Academies, run by the Technical Staff, are a great way to improve technical skills outside the team environment. It’s cost effective and run by great coaches. Visit our Academies and Camps page for current listings.

What is Cup play?

See our Youth Cup Play page. The major point of note is that if a VIPL (A Cup) or Gold level (B Cup) team progresses far enough then that team will go to the BC Soccer Provincials in July. It is a huge achievement to make Provincials and it extends the soccer season by 3+ months. If your team is in this position, let the parents know this in advance.

Where can I get a Bays coaching jacket (and other team wear)?

Look sharp in your official Bays United team wear. Simply create an account at soccerx.com, or login if returning, and shop away! Individual orders can be made directly online and shipped to your home. If you run into trouble, visit the Soccer Express Club partner page, which includes step-by-step login instructions, club store FAQ’s, video tutorials and more. Bays members can also order outside the Bays Web Store on soccerx.com and receive a 10% discount.

Does Bays still provide the Friday night “kick about”?

No, this event was not well-attended, so a new weekly event is being developed to replace it.  Stay tuned for information.

Where can I go for more information?

In addition to the Bays United website, Lower Island Soccer Association has just launched their new website, where you can find your game schedule and results table. BC Soccer is also a useful resource.