Fields under Bays United FC’s responsibility fall within the boundaries shown on the map below (click to enlarge).


A fields map of Vancouver (and Gulf) Island Area is intended to be of assistance to those unfamiliar with field locations within the LISA catchment. The map feature is provided by Google, therefore accuracy is not promised. Please ensure the map is showing the intended site before following directions.


Throughout the active soccer season, the current field status (whether a field is open or closed due to weather) is posted by 3:45 PM on practice days (Monday through Friday) and by 8:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.


Coaches are required to adhere to the field usage guidelines to ensure their continued availability for training and for matches.


Bays does not post field usage schedules for training and matches. This information is provided only to those using the fields and all teams should have a communication process established to ensure players (and parents) have the latest information. As per District Rules, it is the responsibility of the Bays coach and the opposition coach to communicate with each other regarding fields and schedules in advance of matches.