Frequently Asked Questions

When do I register?

As early as possible please! Each year registration opens in late March or early April for the upcoming season. Players must be registered if attending assessments. If you wait until late August to register, your child may be put on a waitlist. For more details about registration, fees, refunds, tax receipts, etc – visit our registration page.

Can I get funding assistance?

Sports should be available to everyone. There are two key organizations that provide funding to several Bays families: Kidsport of Greater Victoria and Canadian Tire Jumpstart. Please contact Registrar to discuss.

My child is on a waitlist. What does that mean?

When Bays has reached a maximum combination of player registrations to known available coaches, in any age division, a waitlist is created. If your child is waitlisted, it does not mean they won’t get placed onto a team. Additional teams are formed when waitlisted players and coach availability can support a team. We try to ensure all waitlisted players are placed on teams by early September.

What is the House Division?

Teams in the House Division range in age from 5 years (U6) to 10 years (U11). Teams are formed prior to the start of the season by conducting player assessments (early September) to form teams that are relatively balanced in skill level and competitiveness. The House Division’s focus is on the development of players, fair play and fun – rather than winning. Standings are not kept for this age cohort. Find more information about the House League.

When are House Division assessments?

House Division players (U8-U11) are assessed at the beginning of September. Player registrations must be complete in order to participate and registered members will get a notice of assessment dates via email. Players U6-U7 do not need to attend formal assessments.

What is the Youth Division?

Teams in the Youth Division range in age from 11 years (U12) to 17 years (U18) and compete in inter-club play in the Lower Island district throughout the season. Teams are tiered into VIPL, Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on registration and player skill levels. Skill level of players on these teams are reviewed at assessments, which take place in the Spring. Find more information about the Youth Division.

What is VIPL?

The Vancouver Island Premier League (VIPL) is the second tier in BC Soccer, below the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL or HPL; the tier one Vancouver Island team “Wave”). Gold level is tier three. VIPL teams start at 13 years (U14), whereas BCSPL starts at 12 years (U13). Read more about VIPL and the Levels of Play.

When are Youth Division and VIPL assessments?

VIPL and Youth Division assessments generally start in April and run through until late May. VIPL assessments take place first, followed by assessments for Gold/Silver/Bronze teams. There are generally 2-3 assessments for each age group. In order to be placed on a team, a player must be registered. Visit our assessments page for schedule dates and times.

Is the uniform provided?

All players are issued one pair of Bays socks at the beginning of the season. T-shirts are given to all players in U6, U7 and U8. Older players (U9-U18) are loaned a jersey at the beginning of the season. If a player’s jersey is not returned at the end of the season an invoice will then be sent for $75.

To purchase Bays United FC shorts ($20) and/or extra socks ($5), please contact the Club’s Equipment and Uniform manager at Players will also need cleats and shin pads, which can be purchased through our Team Wear program, or at local sporting goods stores.

Does Bays have a Code of Conduct available?

Yes there are three Code of Conduct policies – one each for coaches, players and parents/spectators. These are available here.

When does the season start?

The short answer is September. Gold teams commonly play their first match around the second weekend of September. Silver teams commonly play their first match around the third weekend of September. Bronze and House Division teams commonly start around the fourth weekend of September. The specific dates can be confirmed by checking out the Club’s Calendar in early September.

How big is a typical soccer field?

House players initially play on a smaller field – starting at a 1/4 size of a full-sized pitch and moving up to a 1/2 pitch. In the Youth Division, U12 continues to play on a 1/2 pitch and U13 and up play on a full-sized pitch (ranging from 75-100 yards wide and 100-130 yards long).

How long is the average match?

Younger players up to U12 play 2-30 minute halves. U13 and U14 play 2-35 minute halves. U15 and U16 play 2-40 minute halves. U17/U18 and Seniors play 2-45 minute halves.

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