Referees and Match Officials

Bays United FC is proud to have Rex Craig as the Club Referee Coordinator. Questions can be directed to him at the address

Small Sided Referee Rules Summary
  • A summary of rules for small-sided (8 v 8) games is available for referees, coaches and parents.
Referee Clinics
  • Currently we are exceeding the number of small sided referees required. We may accept new applicants in early 2019. Those who take (or have taken) the ‘Small Sided Clinic’ are able to take their credential to other districts in the interim.  We continue to accept new referees who have completed the ‘Entry Level Course’.
Rules and Laws
Our referee didn’t show up…

In the odd instance where a referee doesn’t show up, coaches should work with the opposing team to have a parent or coach from each team referee half of the match each (i.e. a parent from team X referees the first half, and a parent from team Y referees the second half). When signing each others game sheets or players list, officials from each team should agree to play under these conditions.