Referees and Match Officials

Applications are being accepted for full-sided and small-sided referees. Contact Club Referee Coordinator, Rex Craig at:

Small Sided Referee Rules Summary
  • A summary of rules for small-sided (8 v 8) games is available for referees, coaches and parents.

Referee Clinics – NEW

Bays United is pleased to run an entry level referee clinic on August 29th at Oak Bay High.  This course is open to all Bays players over the age of 14 years.  Before this on field session, however, you will be required to do 17 short on-line modules and a webinar on Aug 22nd.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Rex Craig ( or John Bentley, GM (  The course can be found in the link below, but you will need a code to get in that can be supplied once you RSVP.

Rules and Laws
Our referee didn’t show up…

In the odd instance where a referee doesn’t show up, coaches should work with the opposing team to have a parent or coach from each team referee half of the match each (i.e. a parent from team X referees the first half, and a parent from team Y referees the second half). When signing each others game sheets or players list, officials from each team should agree to play under these conditions.

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