Senior Team Registration

To register for teams in our Seniors program:

Plan to attend player the try-outs that are conducted each year starting in Mid-August.

If you are confirmed to be given a place on one of our teams, you will be asked by your team manager/coach to register. Your manager/coach will email or text you the link to the registration page.

Fill in all of the required fields – the spaces marked with Red.

Choose payment type – Cheque or Credit Card  (Preferably Credit Card for ease of administration)

Registration cost – currently $315.00.

Add $75 for refundable uniform deposit

  • Deposit by Credit Card (redeposit made back into credit card when uniform returned at end of season)
  • Deposit by Chq. (post date to April 15, 2016 payable to Bays United FC)


If you have submitted correctly you will get email verification.

Forward your verification to your Team Manager to confirm registration.