The Parent/Coach Meeting

Don’t underestimate the importance of having an early season parent/coach meeting. It sets the tone for the season and is a great opportunity to have a discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. The following is a suggested agenda for coaches and team managers to follow. It may be helpful to cut and paste various links mentioned below into a pre-meeting or follow-up email to parents.


Welcome and Introduction
  • Introduce coaches, assistant coaches and team manager and have each tell parents a little about their background and qualifications
Coaching Philosophy
  • Share your coaching philosophy with parents. Remember:
    • BUFC’s focus is on long-term player development (technical, tactical, psychological and physical)
    • Our goal is to improve all players’ soccer skills, leadership skills and fair play etiquette
    • Team building and a supportive team atmosphere are key to successful teams
    • We expect a focused, disciplined approach to practice (play like you practice)
    • The aim is to keep fun and enjoyment in all practices and games
  • Review practice schedule and expectations (e.g. arrival times, attendance)
  • Discuss team communications (preferred methods, when game times/fields will be communicated, how/when to discuss concerns throughout the season). Inform parents that LISA website has schedule and soccer information for U12 – U18
  • Review BUFC Policy on playing time as it pertains to your team:
    • U12 players get equal playing time each match
    • U13-U18 VIPL get a minimum of 50% playing time over the course of the regular season
    • U13-U18 Gold get a minimum of 50% playing time each match during the regular season
    • U13-U18 Silver get equal playing time each match
  • Discuss off-field team building events (i.e. Vikes games, swimming, etc) and ask for suggestions and volunteers to coordinate
  • Discuss Bays’ optional Programs, Academies & Camps for extra training and skill development
  • Invite parents to peruse our Bays Wear website (SoccerX).  Discuss whether there may be interest in group kit orders for team wear (e.g. practice jerseys, jackets)
  • Inform parents about Bays United social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for community building. Teams can send photos and news to to share news with the club on the website and social media.
  • Invite parent questions