Welcome to U14

Welcome to U14! This year all players will play full-field (11v11), and there is also the possibility to play VIPL (Vancouver Island Premier League).

When do I register?

As early as possible please! A note will be sent sometime in late March or early April to register for the upcoming season. You must register before assessments. If you play VIPL, you will still register with Bays United at the normal time.

How are teams formed?

VIPL assessments begin in March and Gold assessments run in April through May. There are generally 2-3 assessments for each age group. Players who wish to play in the Silver division do not need to attend assessments.

Are there different divisions?

Yes. At U14 there are VIPL, Gold and Silver divisions. VIPL is one level above the Gold division and plays local VIPL teams and VIPL teams from Comox and Nanaimo. Read more about VIPL here.

How many teams will there be?

The number of teams will be determined by the number of children who register. In addition to the VIPL teams, there will be one Gold boys team and one Gold girls team. The remaining players will play in the Silver division.

Do the Spring assessments determine what team each player is on?

Yes – as well as an in-season evaluation done by the previous season’s coach. Together they help to form a true picture of player ability and will determine team structures for the upcoming season. Additional input from the upcoming season’s coach(es) may also be required. Goalkeepers are usually assessed separately.

Assessments for the VIPL teams will be conducted by the Technical Directors of all Lower Island Clubs. They will determine which Bays players will make the U14 Victoria Surge team. Players who try out for VIPL, but are not selected, must attend Gold team assessments, which take place after VIPL team formations are announced.

Who does U14 play against?

U14 Gold and Silver teams continue to play against other Lower Island clubs and the VIPL teams will play against one or two other Lower Island teams as well as teams from Nanaimo and Comox.

When are the games?

Matches for Gold and Silver teams are played on Saturday afternoons. VIPL girls play on Saturdays and VIPL boys play on Sundays.

What is a cup game?

A cup competition is one where all the games must end with a winner (no draws), and if you lose a game you are out of the competition. At the Silver level, each team competes in the LISA Cup, which runs through the season. At the Gold level, teams compete in B Cup. B Cup winners are automatically entered into Coastal Cup (April) and Provincials (July). Both Gold and Silver (with some exceptions) compete in District Cup, which takes place at the end of the season. See a chart here.

VIPL teams compete in A Cup. The winner of the VIPL A Cup competition will represent the Island in Coastal Cup and Provincial completitions.


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